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Easily Regulate Bleed Air Pressure, Temperature and Flow

Bleed Air Valves

Easily control the bleed air temperature with solenoid operated, motor operated, pressure regulating, and non-return bleed air control valves.

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How it Works

Bleed air valves are used to regulate and isolate the flow of bleed air in:

Air Management Systems • Aircraft Environmental Control •
Anti-Ice/De-Ice • Fuel Inerting • Pressurization


Bleed air valves may integrate micro-electronics and sensors and controlled via discrete inputs or data bus.


We have the capability to test bleed air valves with bleed air temperatures and mass flow rates up to 1000°F and 40 pounds per minute respectively.

Bleed Air Valves

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Bleed Air Non-ReturnDescriptionTypical Applicationsdrawing link
Motor Operated Values
1300330-CATDual Butterfly, Motor Operated Modulating ValvePneumatic Temperature Control Systems Pneumatic Flow Modulation SystemsClick to View Drawing
1300230-CATMotor Operated Modulating Butterfly ValveBleed Flow Control Systems Bleed Flow ShutoffClick to View Drawing
1300490-CATBleed Flow Control Jet PumpBleed Flow Control Systems Bleed Temperature Control SystemsClick to View Drawing
1300170-CATStepper Motor Operated Butterfly ValveInerting System Bleed Flow ControlClick to View Drawing
Smart Valves
1300230-CATMotor Operated Modulating Butterfly Valve with Bleed Mass Flow ControlBleed Air Mass flow control systems with flow sensor and analog valve controllerClick to View Drawing
1300010-CATFresh Air Inflow Control ValveFresh Air Inflow Modulation with Digital Stepper Motor ControlClick to View Drawing
Solenoid Operated Valves
1330500-CATSolenoid Poppet ValveBleed Flow ShutoffClick to View Drawing
1330160-CATSolenoid Gate ValveBleed Flow Selection and ShutoffClick to View Drawing
Pressure Regulating Valves
1330320-CATBleed Pressure Regulating Shutoff ValveBleed Flow Pressure RegulationClick to View Drawing
Check Valves
1310120-CAT1.5" Check ValveBleed Air Non-ReturnClick to View Drawing
1310150-CAT2" Check ValveBleed Air Non-ReturnClick to View Drawing
1310200-CAT2.5" and 3.5" Check ValveBleed Air Non-ReturnClick to View Drawing
1310210-CAT4" and 4.5" Four Petal Check ValveBleed Air Non-ReturnClick to View Drawing
1310420-CAT6" Check ValveBleed Air Non-ReturnClick to View Drawing

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