Accelerate your path from development to certification with elite competencies that fit your needs.

Our engineers and program managers work closely with our customers to create safe and high-performing individual components and fully integrated aircraft systems.

Our experts have an unmatched depth of experience in electrical, structural, flammability, systems oversight, safety oversight, and more.

This expertise, coupled with the convenience of our in-house testing facilities, enables shortened product development cycles and ensures that each project is delivered on time and within budget.

Explore the development roadmap

From design through product development, testing, and production, we help you reduce risk and solve problems quickly. Our experience in systems integration, component design, testing and regulatory approval means a quicker path from development to certification.

Initial exploration phase

We start with your specifications and then create 3D modeling of the design, plus digital mockups of the installation site, to initially validate your concept and troubleshoot problems early on.

Simulate performance phase

Using a combination of hardware and digital mockups, we simulate a wide range of conditions, including validating compressor performance and power input limits using proprietary software, examining cooling cycle performance, conducting preliminary sizing and weight estimations for heat exchanger requirements, and doing airflow, temperature and pressurization testing.

Validate performance phase

After simulation, a full prototype is created and run through safety of flight testing, qualification testing, and electrical testing for EMI and EMC compliance, all done according to a DO-160 level qualification test.

Formal DO-160 qualification testing phase

Your inspected/qualified hardware is finally formally tested and certified in our in-house vibration test stand and/or temperature chamber with FAA oversight and review.

Manufacturing phase

Your certified product is now manufactured at our FAA-PMA facility with FAA-DMIR authority. Our quality assurance system conforms to the quality control requirements of ISO 9001:2008 and AS 9100 Rev D Certification.

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Capabilities Overview

Design Engineering, Product Development & Manufacturing

From design through product development, testing, and production, our elite team of engineers and technicians begins with your specifications and guides your product to market at an accelerated rate.

Our team works together with you in a collaborative way from the early stages of the project to ensure that your needs are understood and met. Here’s an overview of how our teams come together to secure a robust entry into the market and secure your OTD.

Systems Engineers

work to transform your needs into objective requirements to be pursued during the development.

Design Engineers

work to create new components using field data and stress analysis to ensure that reliable and efficient products are provided to you.

Manufacturing Engineers

are involved during the design phase to ensure that design for manufacturability is achieved.

Program Managers

control the overall program schedule and resources to ensure project milestones are achieved on time and within budget.

Qualification Testing

Improve efficiency and reduce cost with the convenience of our in-house qualification testing.

Testing Facilities

Our state-of-the-art testing facilities can effectively simulate any environment an aircraft might experience to ensure that systems and components perform to your specifications. Systems Engineers will work with dedicated RIG testing so that the system is delivered to you and works properly when installed in the aircraft.

STC & PMA Development

Whether you’re seeking an STC or PMA, our team of experts can help you through the certification steps toward FAA approval.

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