Validation and Certification Testing

Get efficient in-house testing for safety and performance.

Reduce design risk and shorten development time with our convenient and robust in-house validation testing for individual components or systems.

Our environmental test lab facilities enable the design of efficient environmental control systems, thermal and air management equipment, and valves to ensure that your specifications are precisely met.

Benefits of in-house testing:

Streamlined development

No need to source an additional third-party lab for validation


knowing your systems and/or components meet mandatory safety and performance requirements


in-house testing provides a level of agility that speeds development and implementation

We provide in-house solutions for:

Qualification testing
Certification testing
STC development

Our testing facilities can test various air conditioning technologies, including split systems, packaged air conditioners and heat pumps, compressor optimization, water-cooled condenser systems, and refrigerant-to-water loops.

40 +

Qualified team:

To ensure that we meet all required certification compliance regulations, we employ full-time certification engineers and Designated Engineering Representative (DER) of the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) to coordinate all major and minor certification efforts. Our engineering staff is supported by certified SolidWorks Professionals with over 40 years of combined design and drafting experience.

How it works

Our environmental lab can effectively simulate any environment on earth. For example:


Condenser room temperatures can be raised as high as 140°F
In the evaporator room, the temperature can be varied from 40°F to 130°F while relative humidity can be varied from 5-95%

These conditions can be held to a 1° tolerance while the system is operating

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