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Automatically Regulate Your Desired Cabin Environment

System Control & Integration Solutions

Discover an environmental control system that minimizes pilot workload by automatically regulating cabin temperature, mass inflow, and cabin pressurization to provide a comfortable and safe environment throughout the entire flight envelope.

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How it Works

The environmental control system seamlessly integrates four major sub-systems: Bleed Air Mass Inflow Control Bleed Air Temperature Control Vapor Cycle Cooling • Cabin Pressurization

The electronic controllers communicate with aircraft anvionics via digital bus or discrete inputs. Maintenance and status data can also be provided to the aircraft avionics.

Utilizing a proprietary cascaded PID algorithm, these controllers control the various system components via CAN Bus and discrete inputs. Software embedded in the system controller is certified to the RTCA DO-178 level D standards.

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Cabin temperative and bleed air inflow control:

To control cabin temperature, the crew simple selects desired cabin temperature. The system controller will determine and set the required mass inflow rate, the bleed air temperature, the operation of the vapor cycle compressor, and the evaporator fan speed.